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Aug 31, 2018
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Sep 07, 2018
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Sep 14, 2018
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Sep 28, 2018
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Oct 05, 2018
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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
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Nan Arnstein
Creative Arts and Having Fun
  July 20, 2018
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
July 13, 2018
Members Present: 33
Make-Ups: None  
Guests: Brenda Sullivan and Rep Tim LeGeyt
Visiting Rotarian: None
Happy Dollars: $ 29
Raffle Winner: Gary Hyde
Nancy Nation brought her Foundation check. She joined 31 years ago and remarked that the club has expanded it's service significantly with tutoring and chess in Hartford and many other services outside of Canton and Avon.
Paul Ciffari also had a birthday. He came loaded with his Foundation check, dues check, a golf registration and a golf ad. He said that life is pretty calm these days and plans to continue his CPA practice unless any new tax laws are passed.
Happy Dollars
Secretary Alicia Canning served as our Sgt at Arms this morning
Gary Miller was glad to be back from his three week trip to the Benelux countries and Germany with Debbie.
Greg DeManche son has been promoted is flying in for a visit tomorrow. 
Larry Haber enjoyed going to the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby. He also attended a concert with the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.
Dale Bronson missed last Friday because he had all three grandkids staying over the night. He made blueberry pancakes for them. Under the better late than never category, he reported recently receiving a get well card sent by Ann Clark and signed by the members. He was happy to have received the card, but it had been mailed last April when he was recovering from lip surgery.
Bill Barnes reminded us that today was Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia is a morbid fear of the number 13, whereas Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. He said today was the last Friday the 13th in 2018. The next isn't until September 13, 2019. Bill also had a joke about a dog that needed a visit to the vet.
Rollie Sterrett rose to report how important the number 13 is to his Alma Mater Colgate. Colgate was founded by 13 Baptist ministers with 13 dollars and 13 prayers. The number plays a huge role in fundraising and sports teams.
Phil Worley was very happy that 15 members and guests showed up for the last Rotary Pub Night setting a record.
Don Bonner had just returned from a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, Idaho and other locations. They rented a Chevy Impala which Don was surprised to find out was a very peppy car. 
Larry Sullivan rose to pay his $1 fine for the Chevy reference and also volunteered a $1 fine for the Red Sox.
Gary Hyde said he moved to Farmington Woods three months ago. He related a confusing report about a "dead guy" found on a course cart path. He had a great trip to Maryland to see his grandkids and also played some golf in Winchester, VA.
Larry Sullivan reminded everyone that the golf tournament is rapidly approaching and we are on a very tight timeline for ads. All ads are due by August 10th in order to get the program book done on time and be fair to the committee. He announce receipt of a mystery $1500 sponsorship check from Bank of America. No one seems to know who had solicited them. He asked President Mike to send out an email regarding the check.

Calendar of Upcoming Events
Thursday, July 26: Senior Citizens Luncheon. 12 Noon. Canton Community Center. Salin Low and Alicia Canning for details.
Tuesday, July 31: Pencil Box Assembly. Nancy Nation's House. Potluck. Stay tuned for details.
Monday, August 27:  Rotary of Avon-Canton Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Saturday, September 29: Celebrate Avon Day. Steve Harris for details
Awards and Community/International Service Grants
None this week.
The Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Larry Sullivan was our speaker. When doing his research for this presentation, he discovered an old copy of an Early Riser from October 29, 1993. He made note of the current members who were included in the member list in that Early Riser. The issue reported the previous weeks speaker, Lenuel Custis, who was one of the first five Tuskegee Airman. Mr. Custis spoke about the conditions under which the services were "desegregated" under the "separate but equal" law created by Plessy v Ferguson. Larry read most of the write up which was very interesting.
Returning to his primary topic, Larry described the in hospitable conditions in Independence Hall on July 4th when the Congress finally voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence. 56 members of the Congress would ultimately sign the document performing an act of treason. Each of them knew the gravity of their action. Using an article written by Rush Limbaugh Jr. (Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor), Larry read about the fate of each of the 56 signers. The British tried to hunt down and capture many of the signers. Many of them lost their family homes, lands, and suffered many other hardships.
Mail Bag
A letter was received by Craig Buhrendorf thanking us for the $1000 donation to the Africa Education Partnership which sponsors the Grace International School.
Photo Credits 
Photographs courtesy of Phil Worley unless otherwise indicated.
Editors Notes
Submission Deadline: Members are kindly encouraged to submit all materials for each week's Early Riser as early as possible. Please note that some editions may be published and distributed as early as the Saturday following our meetings, and during those weeks further contributions to the Early Riser will be included in the subsequent week's edition.
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