Posted by Craig Buhrendorf

Rauf Majidian was born and raised in Tursunzoda, Tajikistan, where most of his family still resides. HIs appetite for education was established at the Tajik-Turkish High School in the same town, where he graduated and ultimately served as a tutor.

At age twenty, Rauf decided to venture alone outside of Tajikistan and pursue educational opportunities in the United States. He spent the following years refining his English and going to school. He graduated from Brooklyn College, having majored in International Business with a minor in accounting. English is the fifth language Rauf has mastered. He is also fluent in Russian, Persian (Tajik), Turkish, and Uzbek.

Rauf has been working in the mortgage industry for over two years and is currently a mortgage loan officer with Residential Mortgage Services in West Hartford. He enjoys helping families to obtain mortgages and being a calm presence as he guides them through the stressful, home-buying process. Rauf also provides translation services when the opportunity arises, which gives him a chance to exercise his other languages. He has recently provided translation and consulting services on country-level research being conducted by Drexel University for UNICEF and the Tajik government. This work was particularly meaningful to him as it directly pertained to his home country. He believes the research has the capacity to change the lives of millions of Tajiks and bring healthier practices to the country. He also provides occasional translation services to Nazrisho & Associates, an immigration law firm in Brooklyn, NY.

Rauf became a United States citizen in May 2018, changing his name in the process and thus, the immigration process hits close to home for him and his family. Becoming a citizen was very big news for Rauf, his wife Laura, and their three-year-old daughter, Lola Hayat who are all proud residents of West Hartford.

Rauf joined the Rotary of Avon-Canton in September 2018 and has very much enjoyed the experience. He is also an active member of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and the Future Leaders of West Hartford (FLOW). In his spare time, Rauf enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. Lastly, he would like to share this quote from Rumi, a thirteenth century Persian poet: "When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home."